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“The letter from the Mayor reads that any employees who accept

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Canada Goose Clearances SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileHay River mayor Andrew Cassidy invited striking Town of Hay River employees back to work Wednesday in an open letter, offering a 1 per cent annual pay increase.The letter comes following the latest round of bargaining talks between Town officials and the Union of Northern Workers, which represents Town of Hay River employees. The Town offered a 1.25 per cent annual wage increase in those negotiations, which was quickly rejected by union officials, without consulting their membership. The union has been seeking a 2 per cent increase.Town employees have been on strike since February 9.”We feel that the membership has not had the opportunity to put a vote forward for themselves for our final two offers,” says Cassidy, “and we just want our staff to know that we'd like them to come back to work, and we'd like the strike to end.”We just want them to know they'd be supported if they came back to work.”The letter from the Mayor reads that any employees who accept the offer would receive all benefits and allowances under the previous collective agreement with the Town, with the exception of the deduction of union dues.'Overwhelming majority of support'In the letter, Cassidy says that Town employees who choose to return to work will not have their cheap canada goose long term job status threatened by the union. Canada Goose Clearances

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