07. 01. 2013.

Joseph Durant, 43, of Hemingway, was in possession of two

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Canada Goose What was shown was not disclosed during this trial.The defense asked Demarino if he was charged with obstruction of justice after not taking the information revealed to him to police. Demarino said he was not charged.Watch the first part of the Facebook Live stream of the third day of the trial here:LIVE: Sidney Moorer Trial Day 3Watch the second part of the Facebook Live stream of the third day of the trial here:Sidney Moorer Trial, Day 3, Part 2Day 2:Lead investigator testifies about conversations with Sidney Moorer.Day 1:Phone records highlight the first day of testimony in Sidney Moorer's.Two men have been arrested after a year long narcotics investigation in Williamsburg County, according to Alex Edwards with WCSO. Joseph Durant, 43, of Hemingway, was in possession of two handguns, items used to distribute drugs, and $1,695.00 when he was arrested. Canada Goose

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