11. 03. 2013.

Wounds to Meketech's hands and arms suggest there was “a

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Designer Replica Bags The bodies of the father and daughter were found several days later, in the neighbouring Crowsnest Pass community of Blairmore.Saretzky, of Blairmore, is also charged with committing an indignity to the body of the toddler.Day 2 of the trial in Court of Queen's Bench in Lethbridge, Alta., focused on Meketech's slaying.Follow the latest in the trial from our reporters in the courtroom here.Wounds to Meketech's hands and arms suggest there was “a struggle of some type,” Gofton told the court, appearing via CCTV from Virginia, where he now works.Meketech also had two blunt force injuries to her forehead that were less severe than the skull fracture injury on the left side of her head.Gofton said the forehead injuries were consistent with being struck by a crowbar, pipe or baseball bat.The scalp injuries around the skull fracture had “ragged and irregular edges,” Gofton testified. He did not say what type of object might have caused those wounds.Bloodstains in the bedroom where Meketech's body was found suggest she was struck by an object at an impact point not far from the ground, a blood spatter expert testified earlier in the day.”It would be a significant force that caused these small spatter stains,” RCMP Sgt. Ashley Davidson told the court.RCMP Sgt Designer Replica Bags.


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