13. 03. 2013.

Technical Glitch Halts SEPTA's Sale of Pope PassesSEPTA quickly

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purse replica handbags On Tuesday SEPTA announced they won't resume the sales this week as they continue to work on the issue.”We have been working with IT consultants over the last two days, and are still considering the best option to address the high interest among customers interested in purchasing the pass, and the heavy volume on the e commerce site,” said SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch. Monday SEPTA began to release one day Regional Rail passes through a new e commerce website for the Papal Visit.Technical Glitch Halts SEPTA's Sale of Pope PassesSEPTA quickly suspended its online sale of special Regional Rail passes for the Pope's visit saying the site has a glitch after experiencing more traffic than anticipated.(Published Monday, July 20, 2015)RRD: The Papal E Commerce site is temporarily closed while resolve problems. We apologize/will update when more info purse replica handbags.


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