28. 07. 2012.

Ethan Stowell then prepared his Celery Root Soup

A pallor was cast over the Triple Crown age horses this year when Preakness winner Prairie Bayou, probably the best 3 year old, broke his leg and was destroyed in the Belmont Stakes. The Preakness contributed its share of tragedy with the death of Union City. And Kentucky Derby winner, Sea Hero, who starts in the Travers at 8 1 odds on the track's morning line, seems to be a quixotic sort whose only moment of glory occurred on the first Saturday of May..

Celine Outlet Thierry Rautureau (The Chef In the Hat) then took over the stage, doing his popular What's In Your Refrigerator? routine. Simply put, give Thierry a list of what's in your fridge, and he verbally creates a meal for you. Ethan Stowell then prepared his Celery Root Soup, which is on the menu at How To Cook A Wolf, one of his four restos.. Celine Outlet

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