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Half of the women were using both hormonal and non hormonal

Sunny can be affectionate but as she was abused by her previous owners, she can be easily startled and scared. Her new owners found out the extent of her abuse when they went to the vets to make sure she couldn't have kittens The vet,however,had difficulty finding her ovaries. It was then they learnt that Sunny had been repeatedly drop kicked by her previous owners and her insides had been “rearranged”.

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canada goose jackets Researchers at Princeton and several other universities used an online survey to collect data on 1,101 women under age 51. Half of the women were using both hormonal and non hormonal contraception (like the Pill and condoms), while half of them were using only the latter. Unfortunately, women using hormonal contraception reported less frequent sexual activity, arousal, pleasure, and orgasm in the previous month; plus, they had more difficulties with pain and dryness.. canada goose jackets

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