17. 12. 2012.

” Jepsen said she signed the warrant

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Replica Hermes Belt Hernandez and Rodriguez are what the Lehigh County Sheriff's Department believes she uses.”In the middle of this search,” Jepsen said, “Officer Wargo comes in because he knows there's an open warrant for (Kline).” Jepsen said she signed the warrant, charging Kline with theft and conspiracy to commit theft of the wallet yesterday morning, hours before Kline unwittingly ended up in her hallway.”He serves the warrant, cuffs him and puts him in the courtroom with her and a third, unrelated party,” Jepsen said. The couple and the other man were handcuffed in the courtroom by themselves for a few moments.Jepsen said she returned to the courtroom to do the arraignments and heard a discussion that included, “What did you put behind the bookcase?”Apparently after the other defendant was arraigned and out of earshot of Cassady and Kline, he told police he saw one of them put something behind a small bookcase near where they were sitting, and he also said Cassady spit in a plant in Jepsen's courtroom, Jepsen said.”Kline said nothing. She said, I didn't put anything in the bookcase; I just spit in the plant,'” Jepsen said.The district justice said she was incredulous, and asked Cassady why, when she was in court because she was in trouble already, would she spit in her plant Replica Hermes Belt.


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