23. 12. 2012.

23 IgE plays an important role in the response to helminth

CSF or stimulation of adrenergic receptor led to increase of IgE level,17,18 whereas CD14 engagement inhibits the IgE synthesis.19 Lmr13 is situated in the part of mouse chromosome 18 that is homologous with the human segment 5q31 q33 known to be involved in the control of atopy and defense against pathogens. Both polymorphism in the 5 flanking region of the human CD14 on chromosome 5q31.1 and in adrenergic receptor were shown to be associated with total serum IgE.20,21 Locus SM1 in the region 5q31 q33 determines the intensity of infection by Schistosoma mansoni22 and may also influence blood level of Plasmodium falciparum.23 IgE plays an important role in the response to helminth infections1 and therefore it cannot be excluded that responses controlled by Lmr13 and SM1 are influenced by the same (homologous) gene. Lmr14 is localized on central part of chromosome 2 that contains no obvious candidate genes..

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