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This is typically a Malay dish and can be found in most Indian

A club flying out of your hands during a shot will not be a good thing. There are some different grips that you can do which I am not going to get into. Any grip will do fine it is all about what you are comfortable with. This is typically a Malay dish and can be found in most Indian and Malay stalls or restaurants. It is rice (cooked with coconut milk) so that the rice is fragrant and tasty and served with fried anchovies, fried groundnuts, cucumber, hard boiled egg and sambal (chilli paste) on a piece of banana leaf. A simple packet of nasi lemak is normally about RM1.50 (USD0.50) and can go up to RM6 7 (USD2 3) for more fancy stuff if you want to add fried chicken or squid to your nasi lemak..

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