29. 03. 2013.

I'm also surprised that the Mary Kay team continues to make

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Fake Handbags We didnt send (the acceptance) before they knew about the injury.But it is unclear who knew what when and if the Dolphins football staff communicated with the administrators handling contract negotiations.Levine said he faxed the acceptance to Jann Iliff, the teams general counsel who was handling Hardens negotiation. Chief negotiator Eddie Jones was out sick Friday, but when informed of Hardens injury, he told reporters the teams offer would be modified.Jones and Levine met Saturday to discuss the situation; no agreement was reached.It is believed the team made a compromise proposal that would pay Harden $200,000 to $400,000 this season, based on the number of games he played. The offer for 1993 remained the same.The team could play hardball if it wanted Fake Handbags.


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