26. 06. 2013.

Padgett also wrote that he thought the main reason for

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Replica Hermes Ralph Page said Navarro was in mourning but would be back to work next week.The sheriff did not want to be put in a position of having to air publicly the personal problems of his stepdaughter and is relieved that the investigation is completed, Page said.The investigations findings were backed by a letter from Cloughertys father, Lonnie Padgett of Hallandale, that was delivered to the media on Thursday.We believe that the accusations made in her final letter to her husband were clouded and not based on reality, Padgett wrote. During her lifetime, I shared many confidences with her regarding personal topics, including the strained relationships with various family members. She never mentioned any of the problems concerning her husband, mother or stepfather which were alluded to in her final letter.This is why we are shocked by the severe allegations, do not believe them, and must consider the circumstances under which they were made, Padgett wrote. It is obvious to us that her writings and her actions were not based upon rational thinking or true perspective.Padgett also wrote that he thought the main reason for Cloughertys suicide was her worsening rheumatoid arthritis, a disease she developed at age 12.Clougherty, of Davie, was found about 6:25 pm. Sunday in a hotel room at the Crown Sterling Suites hotel on the 17th Street Causeway in Fort Lauderdale. Replica Hermes

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