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“We have restaurants that run patios that serve liquor and

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canada goose sale SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe policy, announced by Finance Minister Joe Ceci Thursday, applies to more than 125 artisan and farmers’ markets approved by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry only.Public markets have a diversity of vendors, including crafts, art, food, antiques and garage sale tables, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission policy states.”This policy does not apply to these venues. Liquor sales may not occur in unlicensed venues,” AGLC spokesperson Michelle Hynes Dawson wrote in a statement.'I'd be interested to know their reasons for it.’ Christie Anderson, Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market”This new rule will exclude us again and give advantage to Alberta certified farmers markets for the customers’ attention,” Dahl said.Public markets have to abide by what Dahl considers stiffer regulations in food preparation.While vendors at farmers’ markets can sell goods made in their own kitchens at home, the public markets have to use commercial kitchens to prepare food, adding to the expense.He thinks the same standard should apply to both operations, including the required health inspections.”They're very good at what they do,” Dahl said, referring to the health inspectors who, he added, make vendors cleaner, safer and more efficient.Dan Young, a spokesperson for the City Market Downtown on 104th Strreet, said it is common sense to allow brewers and distillers to sell at markets.”That's a no brainer,” Young said.”We really want to have more people come down and if it draws more people downtown and more people to the market in a responsible way, then we're for it.”He also called the decision “cautious,” and said he looks forward to the day when markets can have tables and chairs where cheap canada goose people can imbibe openly.”We have restaurants that run patios that serve liquor and that's 10 feet from the market,” he pointed out. “And we see that being handled responsibly.”South Common Farmers Market manager says public markets should be able to sell beer and spirits canada goose sale.


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