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It would also be wise to get the plate number of the other

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canada goose And we're looking at the ecosystems,” said Caroline Lanthier, with the museum.Thawing permafrost threatens infrastructure in many parts of the North. (Chantal Dubuc/CBC)The permafrost samples will be displayed alongside things such as fossilized trees from Nunavut's Axel Heiberg cheap canada goose island, and Thule cultural artifacts.Lanthier says the permafrost samples will be part of an exhibit focussed on Arctic climate.”The Arctic is changing, and with climate change the permafrost is melting, and that's impacting infrastructure, that's impacting the flora and fauna living in the Arctic, and the people living in the Arctic,” she said.”If a picture is worth a thousand words, now we have the actual thing. There's nothing that beats having the actual sample in front of you.” canada goose.


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