29. 11. 2013.

Not only did Liverpool pay their second highest transfer fee

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cheap canada goose sale Those types of substitutions are more about protecting the fitness of first choice players than attempts to change games.Liverpool broke their transfer record this summer with the canada goose outlet sale canada goose outlet canada goose outlet sale purchase of Mo Salah for until then the club record fee was the amount the Reds paid for Oxlade Chamberlain.Not only did Liverpool pay their second highest transfer fee for the ex Arsenal player, they paid it when his contract was close to running down.Fans expect players to hit the ground running when that kind of money is shelled out but Oxlade Chamberlain seems to be a million miles away from being that kind of player.There is a very big risk Oxlade Chamberlain could become Klopp's Benteke, the expensive player that just didn't quite fit.(Image: Action Images via Reuters)Liverpool weren't playing the type of football that catered to Christian Benteke's strengths and when Brendan Rodgers brought him in as the answer to the Reds’ troubles in front of goal post Suarez it played a part in the manager finally losing his already precarious job.Fans were frustrated with Benteke but the root cause of the issue wasn't that he was doing anything wrong he was just the wrong player. It wasn't his fault, it was the fault of those at Anfield who identified him as a good signing. Has that happened again?Klopp is nowhere near the stage of losing his job yet and Oxlade Chamberlain obviously hasn't been brought in for the same reason as Benteke but where does the England star fit into a Klopp side?. cheap canada goose sale

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