19. 12. 2013.

The MMX Sudeste petition will probably determine whether parent

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cheap canada goose outlet By Alonso Soto and Jeb BlountBRASILIA/RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct 16 (Reuters) An iron ore mining company controlled by Brazilian tycoon Eike Batista filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, the third time in a year that a unit of the former billionaire EBX industrial group has sought protection from creditors.MMX Sudeste Mineracao SA, the company that made the petition, holds nearly all the significant assets of Batista MMX Mineracao e Metalicos SA, part of an EBX mining, oil, energy, shipbuilding and port group that suffered one of the most spectacular collapses in emerging market history in 2013.The move comes as a decade long commodities boom ends.As China economy weakens, demand for iron ore and other minerals has dropped. Lower prices have made many new mining projects uneconomic.The MMX Sudeste petition will probably determine whether parent MMX can continue as a viable company. Delays in developing MMX iron ore mines in Minas Gerais and an iron ore terminal near Rio de Janeiro have crimped MMX revenue while increasing debt.Expectations that Brazil and its vast commodity resources would prosper as China grew allowed Batista to build an industrial empire worth more than $50 billion and a personal fortune of about $30 billion. cheap canada goose outlet

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cheap canada goose jackets Erie County Coroner, Lyell Cook examined the photos provided by the funeral director as well as reviewing some of the documents from the prison saying in part that while the bed sores were tragic, there was no real evidence of “gross neglect” in the case. The state police also concluded that there was no evidence of foul play related to Austin's condition before his death and closed the investigation. Paula Thomas has announced that she plans to hire an attorney to look at her possible next steps in this matter.. cheap canada goose jackets

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